Spanish Fly Female Sex Drop or Sex Booster

Spanish Fly Female Sex Drop or Sex Booster


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Make your Partner feel Wild with Sexual Lust and Desire for You! Spanische Fliege ( Spanish Fly ) Improves and increases stamina while at the same time relaxing the mind and stimulating the body with strong Sexual desires. Spanische Fliege is a specifically formulated liquid drop remedy that increases the Desire and in many cases it raises the hormones necessary for healthy & For Sexual functions, and is also a Sexual booster, thus giving pleasure to both Sexes. SPANISCHE FLIEGE Drops contain the well-known cantharides in safe controlled homoeopathically dosed quantities (D4), as well as Vitamin E . These drops are easy to use, to have Enhanced Desire and Sexual Pleasure.

Ingredients :-

Cantharis D4,Vitamin E (Acteal), Vinumed.

Other Information :-

spanish fly consists of neccessary tonifying ingredients inside a well-balanced formula to bring back power also to reise libido not simply inside seniors but inside younger persons. Hence performance, enjoyment in addition to pleasure are improved upon, to ensure that all people going through the treatment course with this preparation can feel much better inside thoroughly playing a dynamic in addition to delighted lifetime.

Item Details:-

Type: Sex Drop

Gender: Female

Material: Liquid

Weight: 20ml net (55gm Gross)

Occasion: When Needed


Take 5-10 Drops with a little liquid.

Expiry Date: 3 Years

*Note: Do not take more than 50 drops as effects are increased.


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